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Discovery Sets

Buying perfumes online can be so tricky, can’t it? All those tantalising fragrance notes and descriptions, but what do they REALLY smell like? Worry not, our Shloksha discovery sets of handcrafted scents are perfect for discerning perfume enthusiasts - like you - to explore at your leisure.

Exciting perfume adventures lie ahead for you with Shloksha discovery sets.




At Shloksha, our meticulously handcrafted perfumes are blended from the highest quality essential oils and environmentally conscious aroma molecules. All our fragrances come in two different sizes, making it easy - and cost effective - for you to experiment with your perfume wardrobe. Our smaller size is a cute 15ml, which is perfect for carrying in your bag or pocket for days when you want to scent yourself on the move. Our bigger 30ml size is ideal for your cosmetic drawer or perfume cabinet—feel free to spray liberally when you’re at home!




We’re not easy to please here at Shloksha. Tireless in our dedication in sourcing the finest quality 100% natural essential oils, some of which are carefully blended with rare spices to offer you attars that are distinctive, opulent and multi-faceted. Something completely unique. Just like you.


About Shloksha

At Shloksha niche perfume house, we focus on sustainable and natural fragrance
materials, many of which have therapeutic benefits for you. We offer a wide and
diverse range of perfumes, from bright and zesty through to deep and seductive, so
you can have enormous fun matching our handmade perfumes with your every
mood and occasion. Exploring our uniquely exciting perfumes will help you to
destress from the daily grind of life—surrounding yourself with our intriguing
blends of natural Indian oils with a classical French-style twist.

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