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Florist 101

Perfume style: indolic floral with rose absolute and ylang-ylang oil

Perfume notes:
Opening notes - wet swamp, intoxicating daffodils
Heart notes - rose, figs, honey, ylang
Base notes - amber notes

Perfume description:
Wandering through a thickly canopied forest—it’s the middle of spring and everything’s bursting with energy. Bright leaves are unfurling in the watery light as your feet tread softly on last year’s pine needles, slightly damp underfoot. Rapturous birdsong surrounds you with sweet melodies.

You ease your way slowly towards a curious slab of polished wood, your brow puckering in concentration. An altar in the forest? Garlanded around with swags and festoons of deepest green ivy, topped with wooden vessels crammed with proudly trumpeting daffodils and jonquils, blazing gold in the strengthening sun.

You turn swiftly at a rustling behind you. Soft drums beat gentle rhythms as you spy a shy couple, costumed in white spring flowers and fresh greenery making their way towards the altar. Small animals chattering excitedly fall in behind them as the procession sweeps majestically past you.

Quietly, you murmur a blessing and retreat. 

Some things are not for mere mortals to witness.

Florist 101 is the perfect perfume partner for when you want to feel:
Enchanted, mystical, enraptured

Ideal occasions for maximum Florist 101 enjoyment:
Florist 101 is your perfect perfume partner for joyful occasions. Whether that’s a wedding, cocktail party or blissfully wandering around the garden centre on a sunny summer afternoon.

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Customer Reviews

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Linden flowers

Florist 101... It reminds me of fresh mornings, when linden flowers are blooming, full of light and green.The sun appearing from from the thick leaves and leaving day clear and light. It is about June. Transparent fabrics layers, light clothes, smile and natural fields of flowers.