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Brise de Bamboo

Perfume style: soft and green

Perfume notes:
Opening notes - wet bamboo
Heart notes - dewy green flowers
Base notes - woody floral

Perfume description:
Blearily, you sit up and rub your eyes, pushing the soft blanket to one side. Flickering sunlight scatters thin stripes over a vase of fresh green flowers and across the wooden floor of your treehouse. Quiet squeaks and mews float in on the breeze, so you gently ease yourself out of your camp bed and peep out of the door.

Just as you hoped for in your wildest dreams. But did you ever think you would see this in real life? Down on the ground, in a small clearing in the bamboo forest, are a family of pandas. 

A trio of small, fluffy cubs. Blurred markings on their fuzzy coats, they’re tumbling and rolling. Fooling around joyfully.

Adults pandas watch the babies carefully, while stripping giant stems of bamboo with their huge paws. Peeling back the woody husk, crushing fragrant fronds of leaves, crunching on the succulent canes—pale grass-green juice sparkling and dripping on the dusty ground. Sappy, spicy freshness in the heart of the bamboo forest.

Brise de Bamboo is the perfect perfume partner for when you want to feel:
Refreshed, tranquil, restored

Ideal occasions for maximum Brise de Bamboo enjoyment:
Calm and focus for busy, stressful days at work. Try spraying Brise de Bamboo near your bed on warm summer nights for a meditative and restful atmosphere. Anytime you need a burst of breezy, sweet freshness.

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Customer Reviews

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Summer bottled

This is absolutely the scent of Summer. Invigorating sweet morning dew !