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Godfather’s Pudding

Perfume style: Mischievously fruity gourmand (with nicotine-free tobacco absolute)

Perfume Notes:
Opening notes - sherbet lemons, raspberry crystal, blackcurrant
Heart notes - red berries, Cuban cigar, Kent hops, chocolate
Base notes - oudh, patchouli

Perfume description:
Fizzing with delight, you’re sitting in an ice cream parlour. Soft music’s playing, and there’s a murmur of happy people chatting. Quirkily bright art decorates this airy space, and you wait excitedly in anticipation of your ice cream sundae. 

And then it arrives. Carefully placed in front of you by a smiling server, the shiny spoon tinkling against the gleaming glass dish. What a spectacular sight.

Freshly sliced pineapple glistens next to fat and luscious strawberries, a dusting of lemon sherbet sparkling on top. Glossy blackcurrant beads slide lazily down the slope of the velvety ice cream. Deep, dark, silken chocolate drizzled delicately over the whole confection. 

You pick up your spoon, cool and smooth in your warm hands, your eyes twinkling with glee. Trembling hand poised in mid air. Licking your lips.

And dive in.

Godfather’s Pudding is the perfect perfume partner for when you want to feel:
Delighted, optimistic, carefree

Ideal occasions for maximum Godfather’s Pudding enjoyment:
Godfather’s Pudding is an enormously versatile perfume for spraying enthusiastically whenever you need a burst of bright and energetic gaiety. Perfect for when you’re meeting friends for coffee, an afternoon party, or in the depths of winter when you need a spritz of something fabulous and fun.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Long lasting, very unique

This is my second time to order and i am absolutely amazed!

Jane Francis
A beautiful journey of a scent

This perfume is so beautiful. It opens rich with berries and yet almost fizzing - I think that is the sherbert? And gradually dries down to something muskier and softer, clinging closer to the skin with its soft base notes of patchouli with Oudh. I sometimes find these two too strong but here they seem gentle and not at all overwhelming. The warmth of the cigar seems more noticeable at this stage too.

Despite the opulence of the notes the perfume remains fresh smelling and almost playful. I have worn it skiing, for a boozy pub lunch, a rain soaked walk and dancing and it has felt right for all these things - unfurling gently.

It is strong but not overbearing with good longevity - I might reapply after 6 hours to start the whole sherbert dance again.

I absolutely love this, I got a sample from the Perfume Society and bought my own bottle straight away - and I’m so pleased I did.