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Soapy Heart

Perfume style: spicy floral with jasmine oil and French marigold oil

Perfume notes:
Opening notes - red mandarin and grapefruit
Heart notes - jasmine, ylang ylang, green grass and saffron
Base notes – sandalwood, fruity musk, oudh

Perfume description:
You slip on your fine silk robe, gorgeously patterned with tropical birds, and quietly pad along the hallway to the bathroom. Closing the heavy wooden door with a sigh of relief, you lean over the sparkling slipper bath, slide the plug in and turn both taps on full. Glittering beads of water dance in the diffuse light.

You perch your hip on the side of the bath as your ears fill pleasantly with the roar and tumble of the cascading water. Your life is very busy and demanding, and you get few opportunities to indulge yourself. But a long, quiet bath is often what you crave.

Your eyes glance along the rich turquoise tiled shelf as you ponder how to scent your watery sanctuary. Antique crystal jars hold delicately fragrant floral salts—you carefully lift their lids- one by one - and their enchanting perfumes mingle with the steam. But they’re perhaps not exactly what you’re in the mood for.

A waxed paper tablet of old-fashioned, handmade soap sits demurely at the end of the shelf. Fresh, brand new and unopened. Your fingertips softly caress the crackling paper as you carefully unwrap it and the dense, creamy pebble drops into your silken lap.

You dip your hands briefly in the warm bath water and rotate the smooth soap in your hands. Rich suds fly into the air, dense but light. Airy and iridescent.

Yes, this is what you were looking for.

Soapy Heart is the perfect perfume partner for when you want to feel:
Light hearted, elegant, opulent

Ideal occasions for maximum Soapy Heart enjoyment:
Tired, overwhelmed and stressed? Soapy Heart will work its magic on you—uniquely uplifting and soothing.

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