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Mother Green

Perfume Style: earthy - a clean mud bath with root oils, including natural, copper distilled Indian vetiver (Rhu Khus) from a master distiller

Perfume Notes:
Opening notes – sweet
Heart notes – wet and muddy, cucumber, creamy and cola nuts
Base notes – tobacco and musk
Notes: damp soil, intense cucumber, green air and mummy bandages from pyramids of Egypt (if you have ever smelled one)

Perfume description:
You’re sitting on an old wooden verandah in Central India. It’s been hot. Very, very hot; the earth is parched and dusty. Your fine linen shirt clings damply to your back as you idly rock back and forth on an elderly, softly creaking swing seat. The vetiver shade screen flickers with the smallest breath of a breeze.

Languidly reaching for a glistening glass of water beaded with condensation, you gaze at the leaden sky, full of inky clouds. Ice tinkles as you bring the glass to your lips, slices of cucumber and sprigs of mint bobbing among the melting cubes.

As you take a grateful swallow, your ears are filled with a fierce hissing sound—what could it be?

Heavy rain pours down from the thick blanket of clouds, bouncing and scattering diamonds of precious water in the air. You’re still clasping your icy glass as your nostrils fill with the sweet, healing smell of damp earth, rain drumming on the thin tiles of the verandah.

Relief at last. 

Mother Green is the perfect perfume partner for when you want to feel:
Challenged, invigorated, cleansed

Ideal occasions for maximum Mother Green enjoyment:
Hot summer days (and nights) when you crave the ultimate refreshment. Take Mother Green with you on holidays to warmer destinations, so you can savour the healing magic of its mystical green depths.

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Customer Reviews

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Mother Green—a complex and intriguing perfume if you're looking for something completely different

Bright, sweet and fresh at first, with a mysterious heart of damp earth, forest floor and crushed green herbs. Take some time to get to know Mother Green—she rewards some contemplation.